Reference Strada2 Center Speaker


Compact Size – Big Sound – Reference Strada 2 Delivers

Exceptional sound quality does not have to take up a ton of space. Nor does it have to conform to a “box”. Because outside the box lays Strada 2, and your listening experience will never be the same. Incorporating the advanced (and patented) technology that has made Anthony Gallo Acoustics a household name amongst those in the know, Strada 2 is an achievement in sound, looks, and price. These perform incredibly well as a center channel, but also will blow away almost any 2-channel system or desktop speakers you care to name. After all, these are our reference series, and they are our finest.

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The Strada 2 is simply an amazing achievement. We’ve taken the technologies that made Anthony Gallo Acoustics famous, and packed them into a compact aluminum and stainless steel housing that looks as flawless as it sounds.
The Strada 2 Center speaker is extremely versatile. While the look and “center speaker” name (along with the 120 degree dispersion) suggest the obvious use as a center channel in a 5.1 (or greater) system, these perform just as well as the main speakers in a 2-channel system in a smaller room, or even as a pair of desktop speakers. They incorporate our CDT 3 Tweeter, utilize a recalibrated dispersion/wave launch pattern as well as the OPT (Optimized  Pulse Technology) system and patented S2 internal damping pods. What that all means is the Strada 2 will outperform speakers many times their size, and look handsome doing it.  These are full-sounding loudspeakers, with technology that works to project a holographic sound field into the listening area, regardless of room acoustics, seating position, or distance. No matter where you stand or sit, you are enveloped with sound. Music never sounded so clear, movies will come alive, and your games… it’s almost impossible to describe with words. Yes, these loudspeakers are that good!


  • Frequency Response- 68Hz-20Khz +/- 3dB (in room with boundary reinforcement, speakers within 1 foot of wall)
  • Impedance- 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity-  90dB 1watt/1meter
  • Power Handling- 150watts RMS unclipped music power. Minimum suggested power is 10 watts RMS.
  • Driver-  Two 4″ dynamic hyperbolic carbon fiber drivers optimized to integrate seamlessly with the CDT3 tweeter without the need for a crossover
  • Dimensions- 13″(W)x5″(H)x6.5″(D)
  • Cone Material- Carbon Fiber
  • Enclosure Material- Powder coated cast aluminum chassis with brushed stainless steel spheres with a black frame.
  • Crossover- None
  • Connections- 5 way gold plated binding posts developed specifically for Gallo Acoustics
  • Finish- Brushed stainless steel spheres with a black frame or all black spheres with a black frame
  • Tweeter- Patented CDT3 (Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer), sporting 180 degree for the side speaker and 120 degree for the horizontal dispersion for the center speaker. From 6kHz to above 20kHz.
  • Weight- 13.5lbs
  • Woofers Cover- Black metal grill cover



Black, Stainless Steel/Black