KEAS – Beautiful Sound For Your Home | NewsWatch Review

KEAS is leading the way and creating an entirely new market called Ceramictronics. By creating electronics that are specifically tailored to fit the home environment as an art piece, meaning long-lasting and complimentary to the room, we solve the problem of “too many electronics.” KEAS’ premier product is known as the MOV1. This is the world’s first and only ceramic speaker crafted in the Korean ceramic tradition. Through a rigorous crafting process that includes baking in extremely high temperatures of 1250 degrees, turning the clay into a “stoneware”, the MOV1 becomes a beautiful piece of art that looks great in your home. KEAS received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2015 for this product. But don’t let the innovative and beautiful design fool you, this work of art produces incredible sound quality.
And with Bluetooth technology you can play from any compatible device. It comes in 4 colors: Black & White, Orange & Grey, Black & Red and Cobalt Blue & White.

NewsWatch 2015.11.23